Keeping Track of Twitter Info

This is going to be a place for me to keep track of Twitter information that I’m interested in. I plan on updating this post frequently.

Some of my Twitter threads:

Patient Involvement in Medical Research

Patient Interests

Health Policy


Legal agreements, contracts, consents, terms & conditions, etc.





Medical Record

Transparency, FOIA, etc.

Government, democracy, political science, etc.

Government, Policy, etc. – In the Public Interest?

Experts/Elites/Professionals & Non-experts/the public/vulnerable etc.

Law, Courts, etc.

Free Speech

Public Health

Suicide Prevention

Poverty, disability, elderly, etc.

Gun Violence & Public Health

Hate, violence, bigotry, discrimination, extremism, social norms, etc.

Belief, Bias, Opinion, Cognition, Decision Making, etc.

Religion & Society & Identity

Risk & Reasoning


Tech Platforms

Fake News, Fact-Checking, etc.

AI, Algorithms, etc.

Data – Ownership, Privacy, Security, etc.

Research and Real World Impact

Research Methodology, Data Analysis, & related topics

Research – Incentives, COI, $, Purpose, etc.

Research – reviews, feedback, improvements, retractions, etc.

Miscellaneous – interesting, important, and/or thought-provoking




Journalism, media, etc.


Academia, Learning, Knowledge, Intellectual Ability, etc.


Public Charge

The above links will take you to where my Twitter topics begin. None of the threads are greater than 100 posts. The last post of each thread will link to the next thread about the topic.

Some of my older Twitter threads have a lot of blank posts in them because of other people deleting their tweets. Since 2019, I have been making an effort to at least minimally document what any referenced information was about in my tweets.

Finally, some of my newer threads may include references to older information/articles/studies, but they will also tend to include a lot of current stuff. I’m not trying to be overly strict about things. If I read something that helps me to understand a topic more fully, or includes a different perspective, I tend to post about it in my threads, regardless of when it was written.