Keeping Track of Twitter Info

This is not a typical blog post.  This is going to be a place for me to keep track of Twitter information that I’m interested in.  I plan on updating this post frequently.

Some of my Twitter threads:

Patient Involvement in Medical Research

Patient Interests

Health Policy


Legal agreements, contracts, consents, terms & conditions, etc.





Medical Record

Transparency, FOIA, etc.

Government, democracy, political science, etc.

Government, Policy, etc. – In the Public Interest?

Experts/Non-experts, etc.

Law, Courts, etc.

Free Speech

Public Health

Suicide Prevention

Poverty, disability, elderly, etc.

Gun Violence & Public Health

Hate, violence, bigotry, discrimination, extremism, social norms, etc.

Belief, Bias, Opinion, Cognition, Decision Making, etc.

Religion & Society & Identity

Risk & Reasoning


Tech Platforms

Fake News, Fact-Checking, etc.

AI, Algorithms, etc.

Data – Ownership, Privacy, Security, etc.

Research and Real World Impact

Research Methodology, Data Analysis, & related topics

Research – Incentives, COI, $, Purpose, etc.

Research – reviews, feedback, improvements, retractions, etc.

Miscellaneous – interesting, important, and/or thought-provoking



Academia, Learning, Knowledge, Intellectual Ability, etc.