My name is Karen.

I am a novice when it comes to blogging.  I created this blog to have a quiet place (my 11-year old daughter used a different adjective – “Boring“) to play with ideas, to think out loud, and to share my work/writing.  Not everything that I write here will be good; there will be thoughts that are half-baked and quickly jotted down.  Other posts might be written in more of an academic style; some might be quite long — more formal pieces that I would like to develop further, but currently lack the graduate level training and expert collaborators to do so.  This blog will definitely not appeal to everybody, and that is OK with me.

Regarding grad school, last year (November, 2016) I did apply to a Sociology Masters/PhD program, but did not get in.  For many reasons, I am feeling ambivalent about whether to try again … this is something that I would like to explore a bit here.  Another thing that I will share with you is that I am a professor’s wife … I see lots of stuff and listen to many stories from the land of academia, most of which I probably will not be discussing on this blog.

So what, you might be asking, are the main topics that I will be writing about?  Well, that is the scary part really … it could be anything … politics, religion, psychology, book reviews, my personal experiences, etc.  I have a special interest in healthcare: patient/caregiver perspective, public health, research, and advocacy.  My mind can be a scary place, so please read this blog at your own risk.  As I’ve tried to make very clear, I am not an expert so if you need expert advice, please consult with a professional such as a doctor or a lawyer.

If you’d like to contact me, the best way for now is on Twitter:  Karen@AC_FL_NonExp.  At some point, I plan to open up public commenting on this blog.